Restore Win XP Backup to Windows 7: Keep Microsoft Support

Despite of being old, a lot many users had still been using Windows XP regularly till the time Microsoft ended providing support and updates for it. Users, who had been working on the respective OS since a long time, would have surely been into the practice of backing up their data. But the recent discontinuation of services and updates for Windows XP forced many users on switching to later versions. For upgrading yet not compromising with former set of data, we decide to restore Win XP backup to Windows 7 post Operating System upgrade.

However, neither such users are wrong nor is there a guarantee of them getting the solution right. As a matter of fact, Windows XP creates backup via NTBackup facility which creates .bkf file that isn't supported by Windows 7.

With the conversion of old document to new format you would be able to access the old docuements in new environment without any restrictions.

Now, how will you restore Windows XP Backup File to Windows 7?

Restore previous backup into new Windows 7 Platform without a Failure. Although, it is not successfully possible for all users to get the workaround to restore XP backup on Win 7 right, but there is still a way.

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Workaround For BKF Restoration

You need to get NTBackup utility installed on your Win 7 OS, and get three types of DLL files extracted from a CAB file into the installation folder of NTBackup on your Windows 7 system.

This will let you run the utility and restore backup from XP to Windows 7.

NOTE: Assured results aren't guaranteed, especially if the .bkf has somehow got damaged in the process or otherwise.

What's Your Backup Plan?

Just like you backup your data to prepare yourself to face unforeseen circumstances, similarly, manual procedures and workarounds tend to fail you need to have a backup plan here as well. Get Windows BKF Restore solution and overcome all your troubles related to the restore XP backup to Windows 7 procedure in a go! The application is built to offer successful restoration of healthy/corrupt .bkf file on any machine without confronting compatibility issues.