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When you open a 2003 DOC file in 2010 Office environment, compatibility mode in the title bar open on document Windows. Compatibility mode means you would not be able to use features of 2010 Word document on DOC file. So, if you do not want to put any kind of restrictions on your old Office file in new environment then Execute MS Office file format conversion with external solution.

The MS Office document conversion can be effectively done by our advance Office Upgrade software. This software has the potential to convert the format of old Office file to new Office file format and convert the extension of documents accordingly e.g. DOC to DOCX, PPT to PPTX, XLS to XLSX etc.

With the conversion of old document to new format you would be able to access the old docuements in new environment without any restrictions.

To Make The Task Smooth Some Features Are Being Added To Software Like:

Single and Bulk Conversion: Software support both single and bulk conversion. By choosing the browse option user can upload multiple files, follow the narrated simple steps and all file will be converted from old format to new one. In bulk conversion at time one type of file can be converted e.g. if user wants to convert DOC to DOCX then they have to select only DOC file and if they want to convert PPT to PPTX then only PPT files has be selected.

Maintains Data Integrity: MS Office file format Conversion tool migrate documents with no alteration as well as no corruption. It keeps the text, image and font & style formatting everything intact with the converted data. Software is capable of converting Office 95, 2000 and 2003 to MS Office 2010 and 2007.

"Export Location" option: Suppose you store all the files in a folder or location, when you exporting all documents, it maintains export location and create the folder name where you select the file for conversion. So user can easily get all converted data on the machine.

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MS Office file format converter free version will upgrade one file from old format to new format and will the show the preview of software resultant. It restricts the user in saving the file by imposing watermark sign on converted file. With the help of full version user can convert unlimited MS Office files easily.