Know More about BKF and BKF Viewer

What is BKF file? Windows provide an in-built utility program to backup database and this program is called NTbackup. BKF is the file extension of those files which are backed up by NTbackup utility. This utility program also provides an advanced option which is, "Verify Data after Backup" and this option is meant to check the status of completion of backup process.

What are the reasons behind corruption of BKF?

There are many reasons behind the corruption and damage in BKF file and some of these reasons are mentioned below:

Symptoms of Corruption in BKF file

Different Error messages are the symptoms of corruption in BKF file. There are many error messages which you get at times of corruption in BKF file and some of these errors are mentioned below:

You can easily resolve all the errors of corruption in BKF file with logically relevant solution that is, BKF Repair software.

How to view corrupted and damaged content of BKF file?

BKF Viewer is a free utility program by SysTools that is used to check the existence of complete information in BKF file and some of the functions which you can perform with BKF Viewer are following:

This utility program is a complete package to check the existence of data in corrupted and damaged BKF before investing in BKF Repair tool.